Go batty with the Dark Knight on your mobile phone

| Batman Begins

Warner Bros. has released Batman Begins on mobile phone, a platform game to accompany the recent release of the movie. You play as Batman and embark on an action packed adventure in which you attempt to root out and eliminate the corruption that’s consumed Gotham City.

The game challenges you to complete a series of stealth and combat-based challenges in order to succeed. You’ll take on Carmine Falcone’s goons and prevent them shipping weapons into Gotham in one mission, before confronting the crime lord himself.

Fans of the movie can also transform their phone into the ultimate ‘bat-mobile’ by accessing a broad array of original mobile content. Warner Bros. Online has selected iconic images from the film and also designed unique, stylized wallpapers and screensavers that are only available for mobile phones. Some of the most exciting moments from the film are also featured in video and voice applications.