6 Best Gadgets In Batman: Arkham Knight on NVIDIA SHIELD

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6 Best Gadgets In Batman: Arkham Knight on NVIDIA SHIELD

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Rocksteady’s Arkham series set a new standard for Batman games, offering incredible visuals, an expansive world, and a complex story that perfectly captured the mystique of the caped crusader. NVIDIA SHIELD owners can now stream the fourth installment of the Arkham saga, Batman: Arkham Knight, on GeForce NOW.

Powered by NVIDIA Pascal GPUs running in the cloud, Batman: Arkham Knight’s performance and visual quality is excellent on SHIELD.

Available for a special sale price of $7.99 for one week, Batman: Arkham Knight takes SHIELD gamers on a harrowing journey full of memorable moments and encounters. You’ll also get an additional digital key to download the game on PC when you buy it on GeForce NOW at no extra cost.

Detective Vision

This is another critical piece of Batman’s kit that you’ll rely on heavily through your time in Arkham Knight. Activating Detective Vision grants Batman enhanced vision that lets him see enemies, objects, and other points of interest clearly. It also comes in handy when you’re examining a scene for clues and useful intel. Rocksteady did a great job of creating the visual look of this feature as well, causing it to paint the world in a cool blue hue that catches the eye but doesn’t overwhelm your senses.

Explosive Gel

Another handy gadget that’s become a fan favorite in the Arkham series is the explosive gel. This combustible substance can be sprayed on surfaces to deliver a concussive blast to foes or to open up new areas to explore. The coolest aspect of the item has to be the Bat symbol that Batman paints whenever you use it, which lends an artistic touch to the mayhem. Here’s a handy tip for newcomers to the Batman world: Detective Vision can help you easily pinpoint weak spots in the environment that will fall to a dose of Explosive Gel, so keep a keen eye out.


These three vital items make up the backbone of Batman’s arsenal and are often used in conjunction with one another which is why we’re listing them together. The iconic Batarang has a number of uses, from an offensive projectile that can knock a foe silly to a utility item that can be used to solve puzzles. The Batclaw lets Batman zip around the expansive game world and reach ledges for a better vantage point. The Batcape lets you glide majestically through the air and even gain limited flight abilities when used with Batman’s divebomb maneuver. With just these three items, Batman can take on any number of tough situations. They’re always available to you in Arkham Knight, so be sure to use them often.

Voice Synthesizer

Batman has the strength necessary to go toe-to-toe with any enemy, but he’s also got the smarts to outwit just about any foe too. That ingenuity is clearly on display with the Voice Synthesizer. This handy gadget lets Batman hack into enemy communication devices and mimic a familiar voice to sow confusion and misinformation. Even better, you can use it to issue specific orders like telling a henchman to patrol a secluded part of the map to separate them from the pack and make them an easier target. It’s a cool bit of tech that highlights just how crafty and prepared Batman is for any and all tactical situations.


Batman’s iconic ride plays a major role in Arkham Knight. In the game, the streets of Gotham are open for exploration, which means you can hop into the cockpit of this souped up vehicle and get a ground level view of the city. But the Batmobile isn’t just a method of conveyance: it’s also a formidable weapon that’s bristling with defensive and offensive measures. You’ll use it to engage in some high velocity action sequences, and the impressive sense of speed another exciting element to your Arkham Knight experience. It vehicle model also looks fantastic, and there are plenty of skins that you can unlock to give the Batmobile a variety of different looks.

Freeze Blast

The Freeze Blast is a ‘cool’ gadget that works much like the Explosive Gel. It can be used offensively in combat to get your enemies to ‘chill’ out and make them more vulnerable to follow up strikes. Batman will also come across gas vents that are literally on fire, which can cut off certain areas. But the Freeze Blast will quickly put those flames on ice and grant you the access you need. We should also mention that the Freeze Blast is necessary to complete some of the game’s optional challenges, so it’s an essential tool for gamers who want to complete everything in the game as well.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available to purchase for unlimited streaming on SHIELD TV via GeForce NOW for a sale price of $7.99 (60% off its regular full price of $19.99). A membership to GeForce NOW is $7.99 a month with the first month free to try out.