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Basketball Showdown 2015

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Basketball Showdown 2015

One advantage basketball has over, say, football, is its capacity for compact 1 vs 1 forms of play.

Basketball Showdown 2015 offers one such example, offering a digital approximation of a free throw shoot-off with another player - be they virtual or real thanks to the game's well-implemented online function.

The twist here is that you're not taking it in turns with the other player - you're both taking as many shots as you can at the same time, in the same hoop.

Thanks to a robust ball physics system, this means that the competing balls will frequently collide, knocking one or the other off its flight path.

It's a welcome chaotic element to an otherwise simple, shallow experience. The ability to buy balls that make throwing easier particularly sticks in the craw.

Basketball Showdown 2015 is fun and handsome, but at heart it's no different to any number of Flick Kick-a-likes that have flooded the App Store.

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Basketball Showdown 2015

A well presented flick-'em-up with decent physics, though it won't win any awards for depth or originality