Bake It, Kwalee’s hypercasual baking game, surpasses 50 million downloads

Bake It, Kwalee’s hypercasual baking game, surpasses 50 million downloads
| Bake It

Kwalee’s charming baking game Bake It has just surpassed a whopping 50 million downloads since it launched last year in May. The tactile game lets players whip up a storm in the bakery with delectable treats and scrumptious baked goods, and it has nabbed the top spot in the Simulation category in 20 countries.

The publisher’s second most-downloaded hypercasual title, Bake It aims to develop a player’s culinary baking prowess with epic cakes and sinfully sweet toppings. The success of the title also comes as a positive result of the team’s new system for working remotely across 13 countries and three offices in Leamington Spa, Bangalore, and Beijing.

Seeing the success of Bake It along with a few other hit games of ours, like Object Hunt and Shootout 3D – it gives us confidence in remote working as the new model for our work culture. There’s a lot of potential we’re seeing in working this way to bring more hit games in the long term, especially with a globally-distributed team, so we’re excited about that,” says CEO David Darling.

It also makes sense for Bake It to gain the popularity it enjoys today, given that baking at home has seen a significant spike since the pandemic started. The therapeutic satisfaction of baking was something that the team really strived to replicate within the mobile game.

Testing and iteration is always important for us, but for a simulation game like Bake It, it felt especially important to get the physicality of the dough and icing feeling spot-on. We played with the tactility of the ingredients being used to allow players to make as much of a satisfying mess as possible. We also experimented with different mechanics based on real-world baking techniques, like cutting the top of the bake to give a flat icing surface and flood glazing,” says Kwalee’s Head of Development Simon Platt in an article.

Bake It is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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