Avolteha, a point-and-click adventure taking players on a whimsical journey, is launching soon on iOS

Avolteha, a point-and-click adventure taking players on a whimsical journey, is launching soon on iOS
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After over a decade of hard work, Picopeople’s point-and-click adventure, Avolteha is almost here. By the end of this month, on May 31st, iOS users will finally be able to enjoy this quirky journey that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Avolteha follows the story of Paul, an inhabitant of the planet Avolteha, a place brimming with the beauty of sand, rocks, and volcanoes. You may have noticed that these represent only three elements of life, and water is nowhere to be seen. And that is where the problem lies.

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On Avolteha, water is a luxury as it is found only in the clouds and a special mushroom must be used to gather it. While the old ones built homes around these mushrooms, they continued to evolve and their roots became tougher and tougher to reach. To combat this, Paul and his allies connected the new cloud city downwards. All was fine for some time until Paul received a letter from a friend requesting his help as the water source was compromised. Unknown to Paul, a mind-boggling adventure awaits.

Paul will traverse this beautiful world trying to find out the secrets hidden deep within Avolteha. On his way, he will come across many items that can be collected for future use like solving challenging puzzles that may halt his journey. Of course, his friends will always be there in case he needs a hand. Up to four players can simultaneously play together with everything being synced on iCloud. Boredom should be held at bay as conversations flow like the water with wonderful hand-drawn speech bubbles without text.

Overcome all language barriers by diving into this peculiar world and helping Paul save the planet by pre-ordering Avolteha on the App Store. The game will be available for a premium of $6.99 and requires at least iOS 12.0 and above to function.

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