AutoChess Moba, a brand new MOBA based on Dragonest's Autochess game, begins beta testing in select regions

AutoChess Moba, a brand new MOBA based on Dragonest's Autochess game, begins beta testing in select regions
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Dragonest Games has officially launched a regional test for its much-anticipated mobile MOBA - Autochess MOBA. This mobile multiplayer arena-based 5-vs-5 PvP game is based on Dragonest’s previously quite effort, which was simply called Autochess: Origin, and has a lot of similarities with other popular MOBAs both from the PC and the mobile scene.

Primarily, the largest difference between Autochess MOBA and Autochess: Origin is that they are not the same genre in the slightest. Where Autochess is an auto-battler where you build up a team and typically pick up items throughout numerous rounds in a PvP setting, in the vein of Teamfight Tactics or Dota Underlords, Autochess MOBA is, well, a MOBA!

MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena, and that is a pretty apt description too. You’ll pick from a roster of heroes, queue up for a match, and alongside four other players, do battle on a pre-set map against another team of five in an attempt to destroy their base. Each hero has a different collection of abilities, there are plenty of buffs spread about the map that you can pick up to gain a tactical advantage, and you’ll all level up overtime by killing NPC minions or each other. If you need a prime example of this genre on MOBA to look at, think Wild Rift.

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As for what Auto Chess MOBA brings to the table, it is all of those things, but rather than using League of Legends as inspiration, it actually seems to take quite a lot from DOTA 2. You can see this inspiration in the fact that each item you buy has to be delivered to you via a courier, a team-shared unit that all of you can control to bring you the items you purchase from the shop. This is a mechanic that is pretty much exclusive to DOTA 2, so it’s impressive to see a mobile MOBA take from that pool rather than the usual League-likes we see pretty often.

Combine that one unique factor into an impressive roster full of well-designed and creative characters, each with different playstyles and abilities, and there’s plenty to dig your teeth into here. If you’d like to check it out yourself, players from Latin America and Southeast Asia can download and play the game from Google Play for free!

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