The best Android game this week - Attack the Light: Steven Universe

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The best Android game this week - Attack the Light: Steven Universe
| Attack the Light
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More RPGs should take inspiration from Paper Mario, to be honest.

Most role playing games are static and stat-based, but the old Mario role players introduced action elements like timing and little mini games that you could play to boost your damage.

And that's exactly what Attack the Light - a lightweight RPG, based on some Cartoon Network show I've never heard of - has done, with loads of special attacks that rely on goofy gimmicks to pull off.

And that fits the style of game - a breezy comical adventure about a tubby little kid and his magical lady friends. The battles are fast, bouncy, and don't require a calculator to keep up.

Attack the Light

Elsewhere the game has been streamlined to work better on mobile. Instead of crawling through dungeons, you swipe through screens like pages in an ebook. And these RPG over worlds are split into levels for swift exploration.

From our brief play (we'll get a review to you next week) it all seems rather smart and well put together. And we look forward to digging even deeper.

Besides, what else are you gonna play? It's been a rubbish week for Android.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer