Attack on Titan: Assault cheats, tips - Becoming a turn-based titan master

Attack on Titan: Assault cheats, tips - Becoming a turn-based titan master

Shingeki those kyojin with this guide

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Attack on Titan: Assault is an interesting turn-based take on the manga hit Shingeki no Kyojin. It throws our characters into a more contemplative battle, one where strategy will win the day, not simply skill.

As a result, getting adjusted to the new battle system will of course quickly give you the edge, and we have the fine details you need.

If you're starting to play Attack on Titan: Assault, these tips will carry you through the early battles fast.

Rules of engagement

Attack on Titan: Assault

So you want to be the best titan slayer there ever was, eh? It's a good goal to have, but getting there takes some serious grit. So, we're going to run through everything you'll need to know to take titans on in a turn-based style.

So, the first thing you should know is that the number of attacks you make is dictated by the size of your team. You can have a maximum of six soldiers in your team, and you want to fill each slot, as each member will only attack once per turn - unless you have a special move.

No surprise to anyone, but that also means that each individual attack's strength will be dictated by the character that used it. As such, offensive characters that have strong attacks and special moves should probably be given priority on equipment and upgrades.

You can select which titan to attack by tapping their portrait at the top of the screen, and then once you press the Fight button in the bottom right, your characters jump to life.

Each attack activates a QTE, and if you tap when the larger circle close in on the one in the centre, you'll get a Perfect hit, and do more damage. Continue to do this, and a damage multiplier will deal extra harm to your enemies.

As you battle you'll also earn points for an execution - a single strong attack that, despite what the name suggests, doesn't guarantee a kill. Still, having your strongest soldier lash out with an execution is a great idea against stronger titans.

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Proper preparation

Each character has a variety of equipment they can use, each piece of equipment can be exchanged and upgraded, and even the character themselves will need materials to upgrade them and allow you to level them up further.

It's a bit overwhelming at first, but as mentioned, focus on your stronger units - usually, the ones which are rarer and of a higher rank. Give these the attention they need, as weaker units can be replaced if you get a good pull.

Special moves

Special moves can be used before you activate the fight button on each turn. As a character's special meter fills, their portrait will flash and you'll be able to slide it upwards in order to use an attack.

Each character has a different kind of move. Some will have buffs for the party, heals, or just offensive attacks for the enemies, which may hit multiple times, or multiple enemies.

Get used to which offensive moves you have and their abilities so you can pick your chances to take out muliple titans, while the support moves can really be used at any time.

No auto

Don't use the auto battle mode. It's just a mistake.

In many mobile RPGs, the auto-battle mode can carry you to victory time and time again, and while that's true here, it'll make tougher fights and any strategy impossible, especially since your damage multiplier will be ruined as the QTEs randomly assign Bad, Good, Great, and Perfect hits.

For many battles, fine, you can use auto if you want, but as soon as things get tough or you want to earn max stars on each stage, you'll need to turn it off.

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