Atelier Resleriana, the latest entry into the long running JRPG franchise, opens pre-registration in Japan

Atelier Resleriana, the latest entry into the long running JRPG franchise, opens pre-registration in Japan

Popular JRPG franchise Atelier is set to receive a brand new entry, this time for mobile, sometime later this year. Atelier Resleriana is hoping to transfer the popular franchise into our pockets as opposed to its long career of PC and console ports instead, allowing mobile gamers access to one of the more classic JRPG series out there at long last.

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If you aren’t familiar, Atelier is a pretty popular and decently long-running series that has seen quite a bit of success. Having been originally launched with the first entry way back in 1997, and seeing an entry in recent years with Atelier Ryza 3, this is a franchise with a lot of pedigree, so it’s quite exciting to finally receive a mobile entry after all these years.

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The common link between all Atelier games is the concept of alchemy. This can display itself in different ways but is typically built around finding ingredients to create potions and various items that you can utilize both in and out of combat. It’s always a fun system, and often gives players an excuse to explore the world and do combat to collect different ingredients and make stronger and stronger potions.

Now, mobile gamers will be able to take part in that glorious potion creation with Atelier Resleriana. With a brand new Atelier story, some gorgeous 3D visuals, and that classic anime art style, this is an entry into the series that is still clearly rooted in what makes Atelier so great, to begin with.

Currently, it’s unclear if Resleriana will make it to the West, but given how successful the series has been on both sides of the globe, I’d venture to say we’ll see it eventually. For now, though, Japanese gamers can pre-register for Atelier Resleriana at the link below! iOS gamers will have to wait for a bit before the App Store pre-registrations open, but hopefully that will drop pretty soon.

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