Atelier Resleriana, the new mobile entry into the legendary JRPG franchise, reveals its Japanese release date at last

Atelier Resleriana, the new mobile entry into the legendary JRPG franchise, reveals its Japanese release date at last

Legendary developer Koei Tecmo has announced the Japanese release date for the next big entry into one of their more popular long-running franchises with the addition of Atelier Resleriana, the first release in the series onto mobile. This new JRPG takes the alchemical crafting mechanics the series is known for and transports it right to our pockets, alongside a lovely new story as well!

For the unaware, Atelier is one of the more long-running JRPG franchises in the history of the genre, and has received new additions on a nearly yearly basis for quite some time now. While the setting, characters, and even combat often change up, there is one fundamental mechanic that is core to the series that will also be included within Resleriana: alchemy.

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Alchemy plays the biggest role in every entry into the series, with the primary mechanic revolving around gathering ingredients to process and turn into new potions and buffing elixirs. This is no different in Resleriana, and the game will still centre around said mechanic, so be prepared to do a lot of gathering and partake in what is potentially the most fleshed-out “crafting” gameplay loop I’ve seen in any RPG series.

Resleriana is also bringing us a brand new cast within a brand new high fantasy world that is sure to wow you with their differing eclectic personalities and awesome designs. Combine all of that with a lovely traditional turn-based JRPG style of combat, and there’s a lot to be excited about here.

Unfortunately, Resleriana is only confirmed for a Japanese release at the moment, with the date of that being September 23rd. A later PC release is planned too, but no word on the English release as of yet. Still, the series has seen a wide amount of success in the West, so I’d bet we’ll get one sooner than later. In the meantime, Japanese gamers can pre-register for the game at either of the links below.

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