Astraware Board Games brought out of the cupboard for iPhone

Don't get board - get board games

Astraware Board Games brought out of the cupboard for iPhone

Most families have some kind of boardgame tradition around this time of year - dusting off those tatty, dog-eared Cluedo boxes and trying to find all the pieces for Game of Life during the long winter evenings.

Astraware Board Games has just hit the App Store to help us address this Chrimbo tradition in good, technological style with a hearty selection of compendium classics. Astraware Board Games includes such childhood treasures as chess, backgammon, ludo, checkers, Reversi, nine men's morris, snakes & ladders and tic tac toe.

"Astraware Board Games is a perfect pastime for families getting together over the holiday season," says Cassidy Lackey, veep at Handmark Studios. "These timeless classic games for iPhone and iPod touch are easy to learn so that everyone can join in with the fun."

A particularly appealing feature is the ability to shake the handset to roll the dice, meaning you won't have to send one of the kids off scurrying under the table every other go, then all fall out every time they tell you it landed on a six (honest!)

It allows for pass-to-play multiplayer, local wi-fi connection between two devices and a CPU opponent in case it's going to be a lonely Christmas. There's a nice demo video below, and you can click the 'Buy It!' button to slide down a snake to the App Store and check it out.

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