Side-scrolling action RPG Astra: Knights of Veda celebrates worldwide launch

Collect heroes and battle the undead.

Side-scrolling action RPG Astra: Knights of Veda celebrates worldwide launch
  • Side-scrolling RPG, Astra: Knights of Veda, has launched worldwide.
  • The game is hosting a level achievement event in celebration of its launch.
  • Log in consecutively for a week to gain 13 Crystals of Destiny.

Astra: Knights of Veda, a new 2D side-scrolling RPG from FLINT, has officially launched worldwide. The title is inspired by the golden era of 2D action-adventure games and melds RPG, beat’em up, and side-scrolling combat mechanics. You play as the Master of the Book; a Knight of Veda must gather Veda’s fragments to free the kingdom from the Mad King’s reign.

To celebrate its launch, the new title is hosting a limited-time level achievement event. Throughout this event, you can gain Crystals of Fate and Star Stones upon reaching level 40. In addition, you can also earn 13 Crystals of Destiny by logging in for 7 days in a row.

The new side-scrolling RPG features intuitive controls and challenging side-scrolling combat. Test your mettle in the Tower of Trials and earn epic rewards, or enter the adventure Zone to complete quests and move the story forward. You'll battle the undead, exploding rats, and more as you explore a dark fantasy world. You’ll also meet interesting characters and engage in satisfying side quests as you learn more about the world of Planis.

Knights on horseback confronting a white dragon on a snowy landscape

Astra: Knights of Veda features tons of knights for you to summon and upgrade. From Xanthia, a fierce wielder of dark magic, to the two-handed sword-wielding commander of the Knights of Tumeln, Edward, there’s a variety of devastatingly powerful heroes to collect.

The new game from publisher HYBE also features idle mechanics, so you can earn tons of rewards even when you’re not playing. The game also features an auto-battle setting, which is handy if you need to rest your fingers.

Astra: Knights of Veda is available for free via the App Store, Google Play and Steam. To learn more and stay up to date with all the latest news, check out the game’s official website or follow Astra: Knights of Veda on Discord, Facebook, X (Twitter), or YouTube.


Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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