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Aruna's Adventure is a nostalgia-fueled action-adventure game that's available now for iOS

A premium title that costs $4.99

Aruna's Adventure is a nostalgia-fueled action-adventure game that's available now for iOS

A fortnight ago we covered the impending release of indie developer James Swiney's action-adventure game Aruna's Adventure. It's now available for iOS as a premium title, so if you've been looking for some nostalgic action-adventure fun, this might be worth checking out.

It aims to emulate the look and feel of an action-adventure game from the 90s with a few modern additions such as autosaving, cloud syncing and Game Center achievements. But aside from that, you can expect an old-school adventure with a lovely 8-bit pixel art aesthetic and a classic story featuring wizards, fairies and evil dark lords.

Aruna's Adventure sees the titular blue-haired heroine embarking on a journey with her fairy companion to defeat the Dark Lord who has been infesting the world with a plethora of nasty monsters. Aruna herself can dash, strike and make use of special weapon attacks to battle against this threat.

The game is made up of 400 handcrafted screens that have been stuck together to create three large overworld areas and six dungeons. Here you'll look to gather coins from defeating enemies and discovering secret chests. You'll then spend your newly found riches on buying gear in shops you'll find scattered through the world.

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This improvement gear may prove particularly useful as the game's many bosses which the developer says will be 'unique and challenging'. You can catch a glimpse of what to expect from these tough foes in the embedded trailer above alongside the enemies you'll battle and locales there are to explore. 

If you're interested in a nostalgic action title, Aruna's Adventure is available now over on the App Store. It's a premium game that costs $4.99 or your local equivalent.

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