An intriguing new title from ARTE is coming soon to mobile devices. Fête de famille (Family gathering) is a narrative game that dives into the heart of family reunions - in particular, about the ups, downs, and craziness of it all.

Part visual novel and part interactive animated film, Fête de famille (Family gathering) is coming to both iOS and Android devices sometime in 2022. The player steps into the shoes of the protagonist who’s thrust into their grandfather’s 90th birthday. While a birthday celebration sounds harmless enough, players will soon find themselves caught in a web of secrets, dark truths, and generational conflicts.

“Join us for a day of family celebration,” the note on the game’s teaser trailer says. “Reunite with family members and meet new ones. Bring a dish to share and your own drinks.” Sounds fun, right? Despite being under the guise of a charming French family appearance, everyone at the reunion isn’t what they seem.

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Crucial choices will have to be made during important intersections in the story, and each decision you make might just drive a permanent wedge between family members - or even save relationships. You’ll even have to make choices about seemingly insignificant things, for instance, whether or not you want to pet a dog staring up at you. You can also choose to question it or complain - the possibilities are endless.

Fête de famille (Family gathering) will soon be available on the App Store and on Google Play, but for now, you can take a look at the teaser trailer embedded above for a sneak peek at the game.

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