Adventures of Kidd is a classic brawler where you play the role of a young man named Kidd who is incredibly skilled at fighting. He takes on enemies of different kinds across numerous locations as he tries to defeat the evils and keep the peace. 

The game essentially operates as a love letter to classic fighting games you'd see at the arcades back in the day like Street Fighter, only you're battling a horde of enemies instead of duelling one on one. Although there's no dialogue, Kidd's personality shows that he's tough and confident. When standing still, he gives a Rock-style eyebrow stare and puts on an angry face when he moves, preparing himself for a fight.

Made by one person, Adventures of Kidd was briefly honoured as a featured game on the App Store, thrusting it into the spotlight for iOS gamers. What are a few other things players should know about the old school, punch 'em in the mouth game? We'll talk about them in this article.