Charming pixel art RPG Revived Witch is now open for pre-registration, letting eager fans get a headstart on diving into its magical world. Those who sign-up ahead of the launch will receive tons of exclusive in-game goodies, so it’s worth keeping the game on your radar for the next few weeks.

Revived Witch from Yostar Games (of Arknights and Azur Lane fame) follows the story of a witch suffering from a peculiar case of memory loss, and players will have to explore the lush, vibrant world around them to discover the truth. Animations and character art are simply stunning, with 3D environments and Live2D motion to keep visuals top-notch. The real-time combat system lets players wield the power of Order and Chaos to best opponents, and the dynamic weather and lighting adds extra challenges from the elements as well.

Pre-registration is now open for both Android and iOS devices, with awesome rewards that will be given away to players once the game official launches. There is also a cool milestone reward in the form of an SSR character when the number of pre-registrations reach 100,000. For 10,000 registrations, players will receive Mana x 150,000 and Stamina Elixir x 2, while Soul Cryolite x 5 will be rewarded for 30,000 registrations. A Large Soul Cryolite x 1 that offers ten-time Summons will be given away at 60,000 registrations, and finally, for 100,000 registrations, players can nab an SSR Healer Doll, Warped Hymn-Cynetia.

If you’re eager to know about the game, you can join the community of fans over on the official Facebook channel for all the juiciest developments.

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