Netmarble has launched new raid content for their open-world RPG Blade & Soul Revolution. This isn’t exclusively for higher-level players but they'll be better prepared for it since the new high-difficulty raid will test every player’s skill in intense group combat.

The new dungeon, Dawn of Khanda Vihar, is definitely going to prove to be a challenge and Netmarble is also giving you a chance to get new types of equipment that will help you to clear the dungeon.

Dawn of Khanda Vihar is a 16-player dungeon and, as of now, it is the game’s most difficult dungeon to raid. It’s not going to follow the usual formula of "enter a dungeon, kill enemies, emerge victorious". This time, you will need extensive planning and to ascertain the perfect team combinations that will ensure that you beat the dungeon.

Use your skills and critically analyze the dungeon to create the perfect team to demolish everything that comes your way!

blade and soul revolution dawn of khanda vihar

Players can also partake in the Bloodshade Harbor dungeon, which will provide you with a thrilling experience of combat because of its replayability. Bloodshade Harbor will use multiple battle patterns that will allow you to clear the dungeon multiple times, giving you a different experience each time you play.

To help you prepare for these hardcore battles, get yourself new belts and gloves that have been added to the game. New item enhancements for the belts and gloves have also been introduced in this update. These will allow for numerous variations in their settings, enhancing the enjoyment and strategy employed in battle.

You can check out Blade & Soul Revolution’s official website and forum for more intricate details about the dungeons and other accompanying updates.

Download Blade & Soul Revolution for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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