MIR4, an upcoming K-fantasy MMORPG from Wemade Co., Ltd., is now open for pre-registration following its massive success when it was first released in South Korea in November last year. In preparation for the global launch in 12 languages and in more than 170 countries, pre-registration for Android and iOS users is now open, with milestone rewards and other goodies for those who sign-up.

MIR4 is a stunning open-world title that lets players explore the mystical elegance of life on the Orient, all while infusing blockchain technology in its gameplay. Players may choose to become a merchant whose only concern is to amass wealth in trade, or to become an adrenaline-seeking adventurer eager to explore the great unknown. The kind of stories you tell will depend solely on the path you choose to take, but one thing’s for certain: no matter what lies ahead for your destiny, it’s bound to be an epic tale.

There will be four fundamental principles at the core of the gameplay: social, economic, political, and competitive. These elements shape the gameplay for each player, making every experience unique. This is likely one of the main reasons why it rapidly became South Korea’s most downloaded game when it launched locally in 2020. In the global release, digital assets can be converted into NFT or FT for business-minded players who wish to trade for profit.

Right now, aside from the pre-registration event on the App Store and on Google Play, MIR4 will also be launching its global Closed Beta Test for four days from August 5th to August 8th. CBT rewards will include Mystic MIR Bracelet, 10 x Advance/Prosperity/Greed Tonic, and 10 x Vigor Pills (60min) to name a few. Pre-registration rewards, on the other hand, include Mystic MIR Ring, 10 x Advance/Prosperity/Greed Tonic, and 10 x Vigor Pills (30min).

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