Today, Kabam has launched the v4.1 update for Marvel Real of Champions!

First up, there's the new World Quest Story Event: A House Divided. Peggy Carter is enlisting the strongest champions from across the Battleworld to retrieve the Red Tesseract, a powerful device created by the USSR. To recover it, you and other heroes will need to beat the Red Guardian to help him escape Hydra's control. Help Peggy recapture the Red Tesseract while protecting her from Adaptoids and the Red Guardian.

Three new Alliance Events are coming your way too.

  • A House Divided Alliance Events- You can earn points simply by playing the new event and protecting Peggy Carter. Get enough points to earn numerous rewards
  • Rise of the Red Guardian Event- This event will require Super Soldier and you can get additional points for collecting and upgrading gear for Super Soldier
  • 7 Dimensions of Bad Luck Event- Use the Sorcerer Supreme for this event and get additional points for upgrading her Black Mirror

The Black Mirror mentioned above is a new weapon from the Dark Dimension. It has the ability to transform your allies into channels for a Hellish, life-draining power. It can also deal mystic damage to enemies and top up ally health.

Fans who have seen Captain America: Civil War will recognize The Raft where the heroes were imprisoned. This is now a new map in Marvel Real of Champions. 

Kabam has also brought in many new gameplay changes to smoothen out your experience. There are targeting mode changes that will favour enemies on low health. Choose between two camera modes, one for strategic play and the other for a more immersive experience. Allies will also now block your path less. In this update, you’ll also find multiple QoL changes. Check out all other new weapons, abilities and gear, and other balancing and improvements on the official website for Marvel Real of Champions.

Download Marvel Real of Champions for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and play the v4.1 now!

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