Marvel Realm of Champions’ new update adds new story content, features, and more

Marvel Realm of Champions’ new update adds new story content, features, and more

Marvel Realm of Champions has received a new in-game update containing new story content, weapons and a brand new feature. You can grab the update now on iOS and Android.

This new story content for Marvel Realm of Champions comes in the form of a new world quest centred around an unworthy Thor setting out on a personal quest to earn the right to his own Mjolnir hammer. He’s joined by the Winter Soldier, who has walked away from the world after a personal tragedy.

Thor is getting a few new cosmetic options with this quest, including the Odinforce suit of armour and the Unworthy outfit.

Meanwhile, Hulk has a new weapon called Wing Shield. It provides crowd control options by dealing heavy area of effect damage to all nearby enemies, as well as using a special Gamma Bulldozer attack to stun and deal heavy damage to the whole enemy team. It can also push enemies out of the Capture Point and interrupt enemy abilities.

Marvel Realm of Champions is also getting a new feature called Transmog. It allows you to alter the appearance of your champions’ gear. This means you can now explore new looks for your characters and spice them up.

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Transmog uses a new unique customisation currency called Essence. The rarer the appearance, the more Essence is costs to apply. You can get Essence as an additional reward for completing in-game tasks and missions.

Full details on the new update is available here in the official blog post. Marvel Realm of Champions is available to download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store.

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