You'll love our Ultimate Rivals tips because we will teach you just three things to do and, although they might seem simple at first, they will help improve your gameplay!

Ultimate Rivals: The Court is a part of the quickly growing Ultimate Rivals series, which features old-school, arcade-like gameplay from games you know and love from the past. Games like NBA Jam or NHL Hitz come to mind here when thinking of comparisons. 

The game is pretty unique in that you use real-world athletes from different sports. So that means you can unlock athletes from the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and some athletes from FIFA football (soccer in the United States).

Big sports stars such as Juju Smith Schuster from the NFL, Alex Ovechkin from the NHL, and Skylar Diggins-Smith from the WNBA are all in the game among others. You play in three on three basketball games and the action is fast-paced, intense and there are also Ultimate abilities that you can use once available, kind of like the iconic Gamebreaker system from the NBA Street games. Here are a few tips to get you balling on the hardwood.