Roterra Extreme - Great Escape is coming to Google Play on July 15th following its success on the App Store, inviting players to dive back into the enchanting world of Roterra. Dig-iT! Games dubs the puzzle adventure as their most challenging game in the series, giving fans of hardcore logic puzzles the chance to flex their brain cells some more.

Following Orlando escaping from the castle and plotting his revenge, Roterra Extreme - Great Escape will take you through various exciting locales (getting lost in the desert included). The follow-up to Roterra: Flip the Fairytale features 35 intense puzzles over 10 levels, with cube-flipping mechanics and lots of shifting perspectives.

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The world of Roterra is built on changing perspective,” says Suzi Keehn, the founder of Dig-iT!. “With Roterra Extreme we wanted to extend that perception shift to the structure of the game itself. Instead of the expected slow learning curve, we throw players right into the deep end with intense new challenges and unexpected mechanics. The puzzles are hard, but all are solvable with a little creative thinking.

The game offers over eight hours of gameplay, and some puzzles will require you to use two and three characters to find the solution. You’ll also get to play as the villain this time around, as the thrilling music from award-winning composer Tapani Siirtola serenades you in the background.

Pre-registration for Roterra Extreme - Great Escape is now available on Google Play. Players can try out the first three levels for free before purchasing the full game, and it requires 4GB of memory and Android 10+ for Android devices. You won’t be needing an internet connection to play the game; you can also give it a go on the App Store for $3.99.

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