Abyssrium - Flero Games’ meditative healing game where you chill out to peaceful, underwater magic - is treating fans to an exciting new experience by teaming up with Crayon Shin-Chan. The Abyssrium x Crayon Shin-Chan collaboration event brings fan-fave characters from the beloved IP to your tank, which includes Kazama, Bo, Shiro, Nene, and the eponymous Shin-chan himself.

Throughout the fun-filled event, players can expect updated kindergarten-themed fish - including Origami Shark and Kindergartner Clownfish - as well as summer vacation-themed fish like the Insect Collector Otter and the Hut Whale. Keep your eyes peeled for the new bird from the Mysterious Egg too!

Event characters will also be riding into the tank in kindergarten-themed vehicles like bicycles and toy cars. Plus, players will be able to prettify their tanks with collaboration extensions like sandcastles that Shin-chan and his friends can play in.

Finally, the “Challenge! Puzzle Game!” Event will reward players with prizes when they collect pieces of the Buriburizaemon or Shiro-themed jigsaw puzzle, as well as mission rewards from a collab Bingo event.

Ready to take a breather and relax your mind? Abyssrium is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play. The stress-free title is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.