Is cryptocurrency boring as a brick? Sapphire Studios’ Gold Inc certainly begs to differ, as the new mobile game lets players reap in-game rewards by way of gold-backed cryptocurrency called GoldBar.

With the studio’s slogan being “Games With An Economic Impact”, the mobile real-time strategy game aims to blend investing and gaming seamlessly in a neat RTS-slash-MMO package. Players can build a real business and mine gold all from their mobile phones alone - of course, the competition to stake your claim on the unexplored unknown is fierce, so you really have to step up your game if you want to nab the best resources and other precious metals just waiting to be mined.

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A whopping 50% of the profits from Gold Inc go directly to back IRL cryptocurrency GoldBar, so players will need to protect their mining operations at all costs from aggressive attacks by other miners. The Tradecenter offers plenty of resources for beefing up your defense and attacks, as well as opportunities to sell resources to receive cash upgrades which you can share with other players when forming an alliance; doing so will put you and your fellow alliance members in a strong position to take over valuable land and hit the motherlode.

Dabbling in cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be rocket science. Gold Inc is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and is set to launch for iOS and Android devices on July 5th. You can find out more info from the official website.