DeNA has announced that not one but two Sync Pairs have been added to Pokemon Masters EX today, Archie & Kyogre and Maxie & Groudon. They will be the second and third Master Sync pairs introduced after Leon & Charizard. These special variants boast a Master passive skill that benefits the entire team rather than solely themselves.

Archie & Kyogre are a Water and Electric-type Sync Pair with a passive that causes rain to fall over the battlefield. This can be paired with the move Open the Oceans, which buffs the Sea Basin Pokemon's Accuracy and critical hit rate whenever it's drizzling.

Maxie & Groudon, meanwhile, are a Grass and Ground-type Sync Pair with access to the attacking move Precipice Blades, which can damage all opponents simultaneously. Players can grab both Sync Pairs through the Master Fair Scout between now and 29th June.

A story event called Masters of Land and Sea is already underway to celebrate their arrival and will be sticking around until 13th June. Here, players will join Archie and Maxie as the pair look to face off against Kyogre and Groudon before ultimately teaming up with them.

Another event involving the legendary duo took place throughout May. This tasked players with seeing if they could best Kyogre or Groudon more frequently. These stats were then used to determine which rewards players would receive. This has now concluded, and so players can grab 6000 Gems and event-exclusive equipment simply by logging into the game before June 13th. 

Pokemon Masters EX is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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