Raw Fury has released its indie adventure game, The Longest Road on Earth, today for iOS and Android devices. The game was previously set to be released last week but had to be delayed to avoid some last minute crunch.

The Longest Road on Earth is developed by Brainwash Gang, the studio that’s also behind the recently-announced Grotto. It’s an adventure game that focuses on narrative, featuring a bunch of short stories that focus on the personal lives of ordinary people.

It’s ultimately a story that explores themes about the sanctity of life and how that defines us as human beings, and is told purely through sound. There’s no dialogue or text in the game at all, so the music is there to help you live in the moment with these characters and form your own interpretations about them.

The soundtrack features over 20 songs, each one tailored to emphasise the emotion of the scene it's featured in, and is written and performed by Beícoli. You can hear some of their music here.

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It’s also not a hard game, prioritising telling a story over giving you any sort of challenge to overcome. This, along with short 2-3 hour estimated playtime, makes it incredibly accessible to players of all age groups and skill levels. The lack of text also means it needs to worry less about language barriers too.

The Longest Road on Earth is available to download now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a paid title which costs £2.99.

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