The Longest Road on Earth coming to iOS and Android next month

The Longest Road on Earth coming to iOS and Android next month

Raw Fury has announced the release date for its indie adventure game The Longest Road on Earth on mobile. The game will release on iOS, Android and PC on 20th May.

Developed by Brainwash Gang, the team also behind the recently-announced Grotto, The Longest Road on Earth is a narrative adventure containing four short stories that each focus on the lives of ordinary people. It’s a poignant title that explores themes of the sanctity of life and the perceptions which define us as human beings.

Sound is a big factor in telling these stories, as the music features a soundtrack with haunting lyrics to complement the narrative. Aside from this, there’s no dialogue or text in the game to help you share these moments with the characters and craft your own interpretations about them.

The Longest Road on Earth also isn’t a difficult game, aiming to be as accessible as possible to many people thanks to the lack of text and simple controls. It’s also a short game, taking only about three hours to beat, meaning you’ll be able to run through this in one or two sessions.

The Longest Road on Earth will be available when it hits the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store on 20th May. There is currently no pricing announced for it yet, and the mobile store pages aren’t up either, but you will be able to follow development closely from the official website here.

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