Lightracer: Ignition is the latest release by Chinese publisher Ohayoo and is available for download worldwide from the App Store and Google Play. Its existential narrative sees players command a high-tech space ark that holds the key to humanity's salvation as it confronts the Big Rip - a hypothesis which predicts that all matter in the universe will unravel to its atomic level over time with the expansion of the universe.

In essence, Lightracer: Ignition is a sci-fi simulator where player decisions will define the overall arc of the story and, ultimately, determine the ending they’ll receive. During the course of the game you’ll find yourself guided by three advanced and distinctly different AIs (Lightracer, Wolf Green, and Deep Red) as you seek out the Star Children - iconic figures of various civilizations - across 9 different planets.

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Its idle mechanics provide a suitably meditative feel as you navigate your way through the universe, harvest energy, discover new technology, build celestial projects, and join interstellar wars with other civilizations.

At launch, the game features 10 chapters that feature an extensive lore for players to discover and immerse themselves in; something that the game’s developer, Startmelon, has taken great pains to develop, stating: "What makes our game stand out from other mobile experiences is the emphasis and depth of the story. Lightracer: Ignition has a philosophical background and more than 150 thousand words that significantly expand and deepen its universe."

Lightracer: Ignition is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and can be played right now on iOS and Android.

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