Netmarble’s A3: Still Alive has rolled out a new update that lets the player add a fifth Soul Linker into their kit along with a newly added limited-time dungeon called Blue Moon Forest. This new dungeon is set to run until May 27th.

This new content update aims to enhance and bring out new strategies from players. With the option to add one more Soul Linker, the battlefield will witness even more action meaning new tactics will be required to win battles.

Like any other update of A3, this update also brings new rewards and events. With the recently added dungeon and an extra slot for a new Soul Linker, things are going to get more interesting. Let us take a detailed look at it:

From now on, 7-Star Legend Soul Linker Conversion Ticket and Legendary/Ancient Event Accessories can be claimed. The new dungeon introduces a Blue Moon Forest Exchange Coin, that can be used to get EXP points, 7-Star Heroic Soul Linker and more.

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Top players of the game can head to the new expansion of Sanctuary and Dark Lighthouse, as Sanctuary accepts entry till Level 70 and the Dark Lighthouse is open to explore till the 84th floor. Don’t forget to collect Apostle Fragments, which can be used in various cases in Velangort Fortress.

Some more in-game events include -
  • Heroic Soul Linker Switch Event - Use Blue Diamonds to exchange Star Soul Linkers within the same level.
  • Soul Linker Wish Summon Season 2 – During this event, players get a chance to claim Legendary 7-Star / 8-Star Soul Linker, EXP Soul Stars, Blue Diamonds and Gold.
  • Guild Reward Upgrades – Enter the Entangled Borders and complete the assigned guild contents to earn additional rewards.
  • Bonus Time Events (Hourglass of Blessings) - EXP and Apostle EXP can be doubled if players use the Hourglass of Blessings item.
  • Bonus Time Events (Hot Time to be Famous!) player across all servers, who log in during the event will receive a 200% bonus to increase their profile’s fame.

A3: Still Alive is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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