Knights of San Francisco is a text based RPG that features a necromancer who is on a journey to investigate the remains of post-apocalyptic San Francisco. Travel through the ruins and find your way through the unknown lands in this black and white, minimally styled game. Players interested in some necromancy stuff can play the game by downloading it for both iOS and Android.

The game showcases dynamic combat functions with the help of Natural Language Generation, a software that produces natural language outputs. Filip Hracek the man behind the game got his inspirations from the popular RPG titles out in the market like Skyrim. 

Players heading to the game must know that the game’s story lasts only for 90 minutes in total. Although the game can be replayed again, players looking for some long adventures and explorations might be disappointed with this, however. Along with the graphics, the background music of the game is inspired by the medieval period as well.

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To add some more twists in the exploration of these unknown lands, the actions are irreversible. Yes, before you make a decision during the battle, think of the consequence beforehand as you could risk losing one member from your party. One of the best features of the game is that it saves on its own and there’s no loading screen either, which means your journey starts right away after you hop into the game.

“In Knights of San Francisco, I follow what I call ‘social change through escapism,” says Filip Hrácek, following the release of the game.

And lastly, the game guarantees that with a single purchase players will get rid of all the unwanted elements such as ads, locked features etc.

Knights of San Francisco is now available to download on Google Play and App Store. It is a premium title that costs $2.99.

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