Milky Tea Studios has updated its mobile multiplayer game HyperBrawl Tournament with some improvements to multiplayer on iOS via Apple Arcade.

The new update for HyperBrawl Tournament brings in a brand new private match mode along with a friend invite system, which allows four friends to jump into an exclusive online game without the need to wait in lobbies.

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There have also been improvements made to matchmaking, with new recommended servers and server selection options, as well as re-engineered AI opponent teams to ensure you’re no longer waiting to get into a game.

Meanwhile, Game Center support has also been added along with achievements, so you can check in to see where you rank on the global leaderboards.

There’s more to this update than meets the eye, however, as Milky Tea Studios has also added a new hero and arena. The hero is called Rip Deadly, an ‘80s action hero and martial arts master inspired by cinema legends like Bruce Lee and Steven Seagal. The arena is themed after this too, with an ‘80s Hong Kong neon arena taking centre stage.

If you’re unaware of what it exactly is, HyperBrawl Tournament is a game that fuses sports and brawling where teams of two face each other in an arena featuring outrageous weapons and physics-defying powerups. It’s a game where you use powers to curve perfect shots mid-flight and score amazing goals, or smash opponents out of the arena in a fun way.

HyperBrawl Tournament is available now on the iOS App Store using Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service for iOS that includes access to hundreds of exclusive games on mobile.

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