NetEase has finally rolled out its long-awaited space simulation game, Infinite Lagrange in Europe today. Last week, the game was up for pre-registration for the same region as well. It is now time for space enthusiasts to start their journey towards the unknown galaxies.

Infinite Lagrange tells the story about the expansion of humanity in space which eventually created an interstellar civilization with spaceships. Following the expansion, it led to war among multiple empires to capture the Langrage Network.

Start your journey into space by creating multiple bases to expand the number of space stations. Later on, collect multiple resources to improve the base and upgrade your ship. The entire aim of the mission is to create the most powerful and impressive fleet in the entire universe.

Discover various locations and transfer your base wherever you feel safe. In addition, the game allows you to choose from a wide variety of space ships, base designs and weapons. Capture blueprints to upgrade your weapons and ships as well.

Create your own union and invite players to join. Also, combine the artilleries of your allies to increase your fleet’s strength. Enter the Lagrange Scenery Collection to take pictures of your fleet. The game even has a Lagrange Battle Report Collection feature that allows you to record your own battles. Legendary battles will have a chance to be featured on the official website.

In addition to that, Lagrange Archives Collection will allow the players to share their own curated stories based on the universe of Infinite Lagrange. The best among all will get published on the website and earn the player rare in-game rewards as a prize.

Infinite Lagrange is now available on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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