Machinika Museum is a puzzler based on the repair of extraterrestrial machines that requires keen observation and logic. The machines are spread throughout the entire galaxy and you'll be required to visit them and bring them back to life. The game is currently available for iOS whilst Android users can pre-register their interest in the game.

Not only it is about solving puzzles, but there are also mysterious elements waiting for you to uncover. Yes, the game will leave you wondering about the presence of the alien civilizations, the creators of the machines and their uses.

The game will also feature a massive museum that showcases the history of the alien’s civilization and the player can gather a lot of new facts from within its walls.

With a mysterious atmosphere, the game looks to create an environment that inspires players to explore further. While travelling to multiple galaxies, random puzzles will stand in your way, so you will need to solve them to get to the next section.

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You can check out some gameplay in the embedded video above. Here you can check out some examples of the game's many puzzles alongside hearing a snippet of the soundtrack. 

The developers believe in using minimalistic and easy to use controls for the game. Players will be able to set about solving puzzles without having to worry about the controls too much since the rules are pretty much the same as any other puzzle title.

It also supports multiple languages that include English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, making it easier for the players to play in their native language. If mysterious ET themed puzzlers are your jam, then do not hesitate to try out Machinika Museum.

Machinika Museum is now available on the App Store whilst it's available to pre-register on Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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