Outplay Entertainment has released a new update for its culinary puzzler Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast, which adds a new co-op feature to the game on iOS and Android devices.

The newly introduced Team feature allows you to work alongside other Chef Blast players to overcome challenging puzzles which will result in unlocking delicious in-game dishes. Outplay promises this new update to the game brings a welcomed sense of community that united food fans and casual gamers alike.

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The new Teams feature in Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast allows you to create or join a team and send and receive lives between each other, which gives you and your teammates additional chances to beat levels and complete thrilling challenges to unlock in-game dishes, including exclusive recipes from the man himself that you can’t find anywhere else.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast originally launched earlier this year on iOS and Android, where your goal is to tap matching cubes to blow them up and earn points towards a final score. You learn different techniques from the Kitchen Nightmares star which helps you get better at the levels and rise up the leaderboard ranks.

The game also features a recipe book where you can find exclusive dishes from Ramsay himself as well as some of his personal all-time favourites. More content is being added to the game as time goes on, including new features like the Teams system as well as new recipes and levels.

You can download Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play game containing adverts and in-app purchases.

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