Giant Dancing Plushies is unlike any other mobile game you've played before. Yes, the game is exactly what you already think it is. You play as a huge teddy bear who dances in the streets of cities, starting with New York. Your goal is to dance to the beat as you make your way down the street. 

You'll not only be dancing, but you'll also need to destroy enemy vehicles along the way. In hilarious fashion, they arrive in groups in a panicky way since they fear your epic dance moves. You'll be able to collect some nice rewards which will also net you some XP to unlock more goodies. 

The game's graphics and colors are beautiful and the music will make you want to bop your head while managing to be relaxing at the same time. Giant Dancing Plushies is awesome, and there's a reason why it's one of our highest-rated games of the year so far. Here are some basic tips to get you grooving.