What a busy few weeks it's been on Apple Arcade. Last week, we saw 32 games arrive on the subscription service which were a mixture of old, new and remastered titles. It's a bit quieter this week, but there's still plenty of updates to existing games to get excited about.

The Last Campfire

Today, Hello Games' The Last Campfire received several updates. There are now 20% more puzzles for you to tackle alongside the added ability to replay any of them at your leisure. Meanwhile, you can expect to find improved controller support alongside a plethora of other quality of life improvements.

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Lykkegaard Europe Limited's tint. has also received a bit of an overhaul this week. 25% of its levels have been redesigned whilst the tutorial has also been improved to better explain the game's mechanics. You can also expect to find new levels in Book VI and Zen mode.

Marble Knights

Marble Knights has received its biggest influx of content since the game initially released. The latest update introduces three new ways for you to enjoy the game. They are Battle Arena, Race and Panel Battle, which can be played by up to 4 people.

Battle Arena features nine levels and will task you with knocking your opponents off the stage. Race, meanwhile, will see you competing across six different courses in a bid to cross the finish line first. Finally, Panel Battle is a minigame that consists of rolling over Button Panels to change them to your colour, with the aim being to capture the most. 

LEGO Brawls

Pirate season has arrived in LEGO Brawls, which means a new level layout to enjoy. Here you'll be able to launch yourself from ship cannons, surf on a big stingray and throw starfishes in your opponent's face. Elsewhere, there are 16 new minifigs and 5 new emotes to collect.

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Agent Intercept

Finally, Story Mode Chapter 3: Harmony has been added to PikPok's Agent Intercept. This will serve as the conclusion to Agent Intercept's story and promises to be the most dangerous and enthralling instalment yet.

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The above games are available now over on Apple Arcade. It is a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more information on other games that are available in its extensive library, check out our dedicated hub page.

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