It’s always a bit disappointing when you hear a new game’s out, get all excited, then rush to the App Store or Google Play only to find that it’s not yet playable in your region. You might be feeling this way as a result of Supercell's latest title, Clash Quest, which soft-launched into five regions yesterday (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland). That's right, if you're not based in Scandinavia then you're not invited to the party. 

There's a reason for that though, Clash Quest only soft-launched, rather than fully launched. A soft launch is when a game releases to select markets, where it is then tested and developed as it continues along its path to release. It's somewhere between the traditional closed- and open-beta set-up that most PC gamers are used to, but means that the developers know that there's a maximum threshold of players and that they don't have to worry about latency or other server issues.

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You might not have been invited to the party, but that doesn't mean you can't sneak in the window. And, thankfully, you won’t need to bother faffing about with a VPN in order to play the iOS version online once you’ve got the game downloaded.

How to download Clash Quest on iPhone or iPad (iOS)

The easiest way to do this might sound like a hassle, but it’s actually super simple. All you’re going to have to do is create a new Apple ID. Here’s a handy link to create the account. To play Clash Quest, you want to set your new account’s region to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway or Iceland. Your debit/credit card won’t work with your new account, so it’s best to answer ‘None’ when asked for payment info.

Once you’ve finished setting up your account, simply log back in on your iOS device with your new Apple ID and search for Rush Wars on the App Store. If you’ve set your region correctly, you’ll find it no bother. Here's a link to the game's App Store page. 

How to download Clash Quest on Android phones and tablets

This one is a little different. Firstly you'll want to set up a Google Play account for one of the appropriate regions. In order to do this, you'll need to set up a VPN that directs your IP address to the appropriate region. We can't recommend a specific VPN, but there are plenty out there to choose from, including a decent amount of free ones.

Once that's all set up, you'll want to keep the VPN on, and head to the Google Play store to download it. Keep the VPN active until the installation is complete, however, after that you can turn it off until you next need to update the game.

If you’d rather just wait until Clash Quest is available in your region, we've put out a piece that covers everything we know so far about Clash Quest.