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Clash Quest tips and tricks

Here are some tips to three-star islands in Clash Quest

Clash Quest tips and tricks
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Clash Quest is one of three upcoming mobile games from Supercell that will expand the Clash universe. In this article, we will share some vital Clash Quest tips and tricks that will help you get three stars on every single island.

Gameplay Overview

Clash Quest is a turn-based mobile strategy game. It’s a PvE game where players have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their troops to take down enemies in a limited number of moves to clear the stage. It’s somewhat Candy Crush but in typical Clash style.

The game is pretty easy to understand but tough to master. You start each stage with a given set of troops, and you have to look for combo attacks to eliminate your enemies. In special stages, you will also get to face enemy bosses like Papa Dragon, Lava Golem and Goblin King.

Clash Quest gameplay

#Tip 1: Speed up your game

Since Clash Quest is a PvE game, the developers have added an option to speed up the game. Players can choose to increase the speed of the game by 2x or 4x. It can be done simply by jumping into the settings menu when a round is in progress.

If you want to progress in the game quickly, you want to play at the maximum speed. However, playing at high speed won’t give you any gameplay advantage beyond the ability to play more levels in the same period of time.

Tip#1 - speed up

#Tip 2: Preview your attacks

The game provides options to preview the outcome of the attack by simply tapping on the troops. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to preview every attack. Similarly, you can also tap on the enemy buildings and troops to preview their attacks. Getting to know how the attacks will work will help you concoct the perfect strategy.

attack preview

#Tip 3: Go for combo attacks

As we mentioned earlier, Clash Quest is a lot like Candy Crush. Just like in Candy Crush, you try to create a combo, so try to do the same here. Combo attacks give a massive attack boost. If you want to three-star any island in the game, then you have to look for big combo attacks. Without combo attacks, it is really not possible to score high.

Clash Quest combo

#Tip 4: Every troop counts

Going for combo attacks does not mean that you can waste all the other troops just to create a combo move, though. Every troop counts. One barbarian or even a single goblin can be the difference between 2 starring or 3 starring an island. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice troops for a big move. But make sure you know what you are doing.

#Tip 5: Play previous levels

You will often become stuck on a particular island, which is a clear indication that now you have to upgrade your troops to progress any further. But upgrading troops requires gold, and this is why it’s better to play previous levels again. Why?

Because you get more gold by 3 starring an island rather than getting 1 or 2 stars on them. Also, keep an eye on islands with a Gold Minecart. You don’t want to miss those as they yield a massive amount of gold. It’s basically free gold, which is always nice.

Clash Quest tips and tricks - previous levels

#Tip 6: Spells are equally important

Don’t be a miser with spells. Most players in the game hold the spells until the last moment, which is the wrong way to use them. Endeavour to use spells at the right time, even if that means using them in your very first move.

That concludes our Clash Quest tips and tricks. Make sure to keep these tips in your mind the next time you are playing the game.

Clash quest is currently in the soft-launch phase. If you want to learn how to download and play the game right now, check out our post on Downloading Clash Quest's beta: Changing regions.
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