Wilderless is an open-world game that's available on iOS and Android. Created by a one-man team at ProtoPop, it's not your typical experience. No, it's not like a Skyrim or Witcher 3 style open-world game. It's unique in that, it's all about relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds.

Yes, you will be able to run around, dressed as a young warrior, but you're not fighting. In fact, there are no enemies, bosses, or even any quests. You can just run free in a casual mobile experience that takes place in a big world.

A neat thing is that you have multiple worlds to choose from when you play. There are over 100 worlds you can select but you'll definitely get pretty familiar with the first five or so. But, if you haven't hopped on the game in a while or maybe you're new, here are a few things that have been added since launch.