Wilderless: Hints & Tips to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere

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Wilderless: Hints & Tips to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere

Many ways to relax and explore

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Wilderless is one of the more unique games you'll ever play on your smartphone. It has the atmosphere of an MMORPG, but has no danger in it. Yup, that's right; there are enemies, no quests or anything in the game's huge world. It's a game that simply wants you to relax and take in the stunning views. 

Think of games like Skyrim, but with no worry in the world, just you, and a landscape full of wonder. And just because there are no quests, doesn't mean there isn't anything to do. You have the ability to not only roam around, but you can go ice skating among other things. 

Better yet, you can morph into something else, such as a hawk or a reptile if you want to take a break from being our cape-wearing friend. This is a cool feature because it allows you to gain a new perspective on this open world. With many ways to take it all in, here are a few tips to help you enjoy this relaxing gaming experience. 

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Change the resolution settings

One of the neat things about Wilderless is that it has some deep settings that you can tweak to your heart's content. One of those things is the resolution, which you can change in multiple ways. For the best experience, it's a good idea to crank to resolution up to one of the highest levels. 

This will improve the look of the graphics, and give you some breathtaking views. However, only turn on a higher resolution if you feel like your device can handle it. If you're a little concerned about that, then not to worry, because the second or third highest options will give you some fantastic looks as well. 

Or if you want, you can keep the game at its lowest resolution, which will give you a nostalgic look. You'll feel like you're playing a classic PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox game which is pretty cool if you're a fan of the old school. Overall, it's really amazing at how you can change the game just by changing the resolution so take advantage. 

Take pictures, lots of pictures

Wilderless is a game that prides itself on its atmosphere, and when you have multiple worlds to explore that are all easy on the eyes, you can't help but snap pictures. It is highly recommended that you either use your phone's screen grabber or use the one in-game. Either way, you'll have some sweet snaps saved in your phone. 

They also have a Photo Mode which has become highly popular in console and PC games. And what better game to have a photo mode than one that's about relaxing and taking in the scenery in an RPG-style open world? This game essentially begs you to use a screen capture feature of some kind. 

And of course, with a Photo Mode, you can get creative with your snaps. You can change your angle, mess around with filters, etc. Do it all to help you take the perfect portrait. Who knows, maybe you can use it as a social media cover photo or a wallpaper on your mobile device. Remember, you have not a single worry in the world, so soak in the atmosphere, listen to the music and take great pictures. 

Mess around with the cheats

As mentioned, Wilderless has a ton of settings for you to play around with. One particular area has cheats that you can use which affect the environment you're exploring. You can change the time of the day, the type of water, etc. You can even change the gravity level, which can get you to jump extremely high, soaring above the clouds.

Speaking of jumping, you can adjust the speed of your leaping ability. You can even change how quickly you land on the ground. By doing so, you'll be hopping at greater heights at a faster rate, helping you chill at the same great sightseeing vantage points.

Although there aren't as many cheats as there are mods (which we'll get to), there's enough for you to tweak the things mentioned like jumping. It seems like a small thing, it's something that help add a bit of extra fun while you run free through the wilderness.

Take advantage of mods

There is a chunky amount of mods in Wilderless that will give you a new perspective every time. By using mods, you'll be able to tweak different parts of the environment and it's pretty incredible. Among other things, you change the colour of the world to best fit your style of vibe. You can also change the time of day at will too, so if you want a sunset, then go for it or, if you feel like playing (no singing) in the rain, then knock yourself out.

You can add fog to give you an eerie, yet beautiful aesthetic. On top of that, the wind can be affected among other things. Heck, you can even choose how much snow you want on the ground. Another neat feature allows you to turn your world into a portrait. By using the Oil Paint mod, your surroundings will turn into an art piece in motion.

There's even a comic book mod that gives everything a more cartoonish vibe. They aren't perfect, but they are really cool nonetheless. A personal favorite setting of mine is being able to turn any pond or lake into ice at any given time. This will instantly give the ability to ice skate. And I will say, the ice skating in the game is extremely smooth and pretty fun.

And of course, as mentioned earlier; you can turn yourself into a mini dinosaur of sorts or a hawk. If you want to run wild like a pre-historic beast, then here's your chance to live out your Jurassic Park dreams. and by choosing the hawk, a boatload of lovely views await, as you fly over trees and past mountains. However you play with the mods, it adds to the already rich depth of the game.

One more quick thing: you can freely go back and forth between playing the first or third person. A cool way to personalize the experience.

Try out different worlds and music

One interesting aspect about Wilderless is that, when you start the game, you can choose between several different worlds to start at. This was a really smart idea by ProtoPop, as this enables for the game to play at smooth enough speeds on mobile devices. Remember, the world is massive, so it was smart not to cram it all together.

So since things are split off, it is highly recommended that you check out as many of the worlds as you can, at your own pace. You will land in different unique locations on the map by switching worlds, giving you a change of pace. Some will have you near mountains, while others might have you in a lush forest, there plenty of spots to choose. In fact, there are over 100 of them.

Another thing to be sure to do is to change the music from time to time. There are several in-game soundtracks to choose from, and they help set the mood. I always say that music and ambient sounds play a huge role in how we immerse ourselves in games.

There are six sets of soundtracks to swap between, so it's a comfortable enough amount to help bring your world more to life. All of the songs are soothing and relaxing, which is fitting for what the game is trying to give you. It's especially cool listening to the music while ice skating as the sunlight beams on your character. The little moments like that make the experience of the game priceless. 



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