To continue the Easter celebrations, publisher Way2Bit along with Gala Lab is doing a massive giveaway of cash prizes worth $60,000 in both of their games, Rappelz and Flyff. The giveaway is scheduled for the 7th of April along with a chance to win their exclusive cryptocurrency Bora Coins.

Now is the time to spend your stacked in-game currency as the game plans to hold 3 consecutive events throughout April. Players who are willing to spend their fortune during the events are eligible to get cashback in the form of Bora Coins.

The giveaway for both games will be different, so let's take a look at them individually.


Collect 5 ‘2021 Easter egg’ items and get a chance to exchange them for a special 'Old Bora Ring’. After successfully upgrading this Old Bora Ring, lucky players can grab an exclusive PvP accessory. After the event concludes, the game calculates the value of the upgradable items the player has collected during the event, which might give an opportunity to obtain up to $1,500 worth of additional Bora Coins.

For Rappelz

During the event, the game has increased the overall chances of taming since the rewards are based on the number of creatures tamed. Each tamed creature will give you a Pretty Bora Egg to collect and the top 10 players of each region will be rewarded with Bora Coins as well.

Lastly, the game insists on claiming the cashback in the form of cryptocurrency as the value rose almost 13 times the cash equivalent. As a result, their prize value increased from around $1,300 to more than $17,000 as of April 2021.

Both Rappelz and Flyff are free-to-play MMO titles that are available for iOS and Android. Visit the developer's official website to learn more about the giveaways.

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