Dodge, crouch, and run your way out of the dungeon in Shrouded Citadel, the upcoming Augmented Reality game from Pifer Studios. The first-person AR adventure tasks you with solving various puzzles and avoiding death traps to make it out of the dungeon unscathed, all through 1:1 scale movements you actually have to do in real life.

Coupled with exhilarating sound effects set in a vivid 3D environment, the unique experience makes things even more engaging as you shoot your plasma gun at incoming enemy fire or hide behind cover to avoid fire blasts. The goal is to collect a certain number of idols per floor so you can unlock the gate onto the next one - but only if you can manage to survive the traps and obstacles along the way.

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Players will not only have to keep moving to stay alive, but they’ll also have to try and make sense of the figurative shroud that surrounds the Citadel and conceals its truths. Both malevolent and benevolent forces will be at work to either help you or stop you, so be sure to find a wide, open space to be able to play the game to its fullest potential.

Shrouded Citadel is launching soon on both Android and iOS. In the meantime, you can check out the official website to find out more about the riveting game.