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Shrouded Citadel - gameplay video

| Shrouded Citadel

Shrouded Citadel is an Augmented Reality dungeon adventure that you physically move through.

Using your phone as an AR portal, you must walk around sizeable dungeon locations to find the gateway to the next floor. Unique traps and puzzles await you on every floor with a variety of obstacles intent on stopping you.

While inside, you'll discover entities which will try to help you and others attempting to prevent your escape.

You can download Shrouded Citadel for free on Android, iPhone, and iPad right now. There's also a full-price version if you want to explore the whole citadel and don't mind throwing a few pennies the developer's way.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
James pivoted to video so hard that he permanently damaged his spine, which now doubles as a Cronenbergian mic stand. If the pictures are moving, he's the one to blame.