Blixi is a newly released casual puzzle game that recently launched for iOS devices. The game is all about connecting circles together which ultimately solves the puzzle. You can start solving the puzzles with beautiful circular designs with soft pop colours along with minimal design right now.

The game has a lot of features waiting for you to discover as the indie developer has applied his innovative ideas, which is what makes it different from other traditional puzzle games.

If you are constantly looking for the competitive side of a game then, it has a frequently updated global leaderboard chart where you can rank up along with other top players from around the globe.

It also saves the game periodically as you progress, allowing you to stop and resume at your leisure. Also, the game does not require an active internet connection which is quite beneficial for people who have a poor signal or are continuously travelling.

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There are tons of game available on the app markets which contain a lot of ads and lure you to buy their premium content in order to continue playing. Blixi does it differently, as the game is free with no time limit and doesn’t have in-game ads.

That means you can cruise through multiple levels while competing with your friends to unlock many achievements and rewards without interruption. It also features a light and dark mode to ease the stress on your eyes and it has the added bonus of significantly enhancing the look of the gameplay.

The game also records your scores and saves them locally for you to check later. Apart from that, the gameplay in each level is randomly generated so that the player gets to face new challenges every time.

Blixi is now available on iOS App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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