Lightracer: Ignition is out now for free on Google Play Early Access, where players can immerse themselves in a thrilling space adventure to escape the Big Rip. The game is developed by Smartmelon, an indie studio based in Shenzhen and published by Ohayoo.

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In this story-driven idle sci-fi game, the Big Rip tears apart all matter in a slow but deliberate course with the expansion of the universe. The fate of entire civilizations rests in your hands. As the navigator of your ark, you bear the heavy burden of saving those who rely on you from total annihilation.

Journey through the stars with AIs Lightracer, Wolf Green, and Deep Red and collect each planet’s Star Child. With nine planets and ten chapters to unlock and explore, players can engage in interstellar wars by fortifying planetary defense facilities to fight off enemy attacks.

Above all, at the heart of Lightracer: Ignition is its immersive narrative, where players will be forced to make important decisions that have lasting consequences on the ending of the game. Plus, particular choices can lead to many branching storylines that can be unlocked to discover more about the rich history of the alien civilizations scattered across the cosmos.

The free-to-play game with in-app purchases is set for an official launch soon, and features multi-language support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. You can check out Lightracer: Ignition’s official Facebook page to stay updated on the latest developments, or give the game a try on Google Play.