Following the initial announcement back in November 2019, we finally have a release date for Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin's comedy title, Say No! More. The 'NO!-Playing Game' will be releasing for iOS, Nintendo Switch and Steam on April 9th.

Alongside announcing the release date, Studio Fizbin has also created a new infomercial style trailer, which you can watch below. Here you'll be able to check out some gameplay, which sees a fed up intern finally saying 'No!' to their bosses in 17 different languages.

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It promises simple to use controls that see you wandering around the office on a predetermined path, dishing out the word 'No' left, right and centre. Aside from yelling the word in different languages you can also say it in various ways to confuse your work colleagues while charging up an even more powerful 'NO!'.

It aims to be a comedic power fantasy that pokes fun at social etiquette, friendship and workplace standards in general. It's presented with a 90s video game aesthetic with silly and over the top animations.

Discussing the game, Marius Winter, Game Director at Studio Fizbin said: “I no longer have to say NO! every time someone asks me if I can tell them when our game is coming out.”

They added: “In just a few weeks, anyone will be able to let off some steam in this cathartic and safe way. We hope people from all walks of life enjoy Say No! More and can’t wait to share it with you all.”

Say No! More will release on the App Store on April 9th as a premium title that will cost $5.99. Alternatively, the game will also be available on PC and Nintendo Switch that day too, however it will cost $14.99 on those platforms.

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