Shadow Frog is a unique game in that it's a mixture of genres. It combines platformers with endless runner-style games. It provides several levels to traverse and conquer. Exclusively for iOS, this game will provide you with some old-school gaming vibes while giving you a neat new concept.

You play as a frog, whose goal is to collect keys in each level. Once you start to run, the frog runs endlessly, and you'll need to jump on many occasions to get to certain platforms and collect the keys. There will be the usual hazards to avoid while trying to grab them, but there's an added danger that's very interesting.

There will be a shadow of you that mimics your every move, and so you will need to avoid running into yourself (your shadow of course). You will lose a life if it gets you. This concept is very similar to some levels in Celeste, where Madeline has to run away from her inner demons that copy her moves. To prepare yourself for this intriguing platformer, here are a few tips to get you started.