Pocket Gamer LaunchPad returns once again this week for its third outing. When our first event kicked off last June our aim was to celebrate the latest and greatest games in the mobile sector, an area that's often overlooked despite being absolutely massive, and we did a good job. It was so much fun we did it again in November and now it's set to be a regular event here on Pocket Gamer.

LaunchPad #3 will take place on 25th and 26th February. That means two whole days packed full of stellar announcements of brand new games alongside huge updates to those you already know and love. Those reveals will range from AAA titles to indie darlings, we love all games big and small here, you see. So, keep your eyes on the website throughout the day for all the news stories that we'll be running at regular intervals until 5 pm UK time.

Reading upsets me, will there be streams?

What happens at 5 pm you ask? Well, that's when we'll go live over on our Twitch channel for continued coverage of all the news from throughout the day. There you can expect some exclusive footage, hands-on demos and just some generally nice chat about video games from James Gilmour and co.

With some many stories popping out on the site this Thursday and Friday you may be worried you'll miss something. Fear not, if you'd like to stay up to date with everything that happens, here's a couple of things you can do:

And if you happen to be a developer, publisher or PR thinking, hold on, we have something worth announcing, you can find the many ways to get involved over on our LaunchPad page. The event is getting close, but we might be able to squeeze you in.