A couple of updates have arrived in DeNA's Pokemon Masters EX today. This sees the addition of a brand new Sync Pair, more Story content and another challenge to overcome in the Legendary Arena.

The latest Sync Pair to arrive on Pasio is Pier & Obstagoon. The duo is a 5-Star Support pair with Dark typing and a weakness to Fighting attacks. As with all newly added Sync Pairs, they have the potential to be increased to 6-Star EX and their Sync Grid has already been expanded. They will have a Spotlight Scout that will be available until March 11th.

Obstagoon will only have one attacking option aside from its Sync Move which is Night Slash. Its remaining abilities all offer some kind of utility. For instance, Dire Hit All + will increase the critical-hit chance of allied Sync Pairs whilst Shout My Name! will charge the move gauge by two and allows Obstagoon to endure the next attack.

Finally, Obstruct! will switch Obstagoon to a defensive position. During this time, Obstagoon cannot perform any other actions whilst any attacking move that targets him will be nullified. Additionally, if the attack was physical the user's Defense will be reduced.

Elsewhere, players can now tackle a new Pokemon in the Legendary Arena. This will be Cresselia and players will have until March 4th to defeat the Lunar Pokemon. The in-game news bar has a few tips for defeating this Legendary Pokemon, so give that a read if you find yourself struggling.

Meanwhile, players will now be able to complete Interlude 7 in the Main Story. This takes place right after the conclusion of Chapter 27. More Main Story chapters are expected to arrive at a later date.

Pokemon Masters EX is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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