Updated: April 15th 2021.

If you have been playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, I am sure you know there are tons of ways to get items for free. From daily gifts to the plethora of rewards that you can get in-game - you might not have a shortage of items. But, everyone loves free stuff, so we have set out to create an up to date redeem code list.

Cookie Run: Kingdom will be releasing codes without any warning, at random, so you should keep checking back to see if there is any free stuff on offer! These codes are best redeemed through a web browser, so do read how to redeem below and then get to the codes! They do only last for a limited time, so be quick!

How to Redeem a Cookie Run: Kingdom code

Redeeming a code is a bit complicated if you are new, but once you take a look below, you should be fine!

Step 1: Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the upper right-hand corner of the game’s screen.

Step 2: Tap the settings option.

Step 3: Tap the Info tag on the right-hand side.

Step 4: Copy your name, from the User Info tab. Your name is right under it, it can be an email address or a GUEST-XXXXX username.

Step 5: Head to DevPlay’s redeem code website and enter your User ID and the promo code you want to redeem and hit Claim Reward. 

Step 6: Close the game and re-open it. There will be no notification on your mobile device that the code has been redeemed, but if you do get confirmation on the website, you should then be rewarded with the items!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Redeem Codes

  • WELCOMETOKINGDOM (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMWELOVEYOU (Rewards: 3000 Crystals and 100 Stamina)
  • COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2 (Rewards: 401 Crystals)
  • GETUR7SUGARGNOME (Rewards: 7 Gnomes.You can change the number 7 in the code for any number 1 through 9 and get that number of gnomes)
  • TAMAGIFT500TOYOU (Rewards: 500 Crystals)

The above are the only currently known, active codes that are in the game. Below, we have a list of recently expired codes, give them a go and see if they are still working for you.

  • WELCOMETOCRKMATT (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCRKJACE (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCKSANNA (Rewards: 300 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMOKING5927 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMSWAMP0130 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMSUNBA0128 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMYANGDDING (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMLILKA2021 (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMNAMDOBLUE (Rewards: 500 Crystals)
  • 50CAFEREWARD1000 (Rewards: Unknown)
  • TK2PO5GA87DBJALQ (Rewards: 500 Crystals)

We will do our best to keep this list up to date, as more codes pop-up, and if you find a code, feel free to leave it in the comments.

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